THOROUGH skin cancer screenings

By having a head-to-toe skin exam performed regularly, skin cancers can be discovered before they have a chance to grow into a bigger problem.

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When a patient schedules a skin cancer screening, 30 minutes is allotted in order for the doctor to perform a thorough, non-rushed exam, instead of just a quick glance-over. Patients don a gown so that Dr. Downes can examine all areas of the body. She uses a powerful tool called a dermatoscope to better visualize moles and suspicious skin lesions up close. Patients should not wear makeup or nail polish during the screening.

skin biopsies Performed during the same visit

If a suspicious lesion is identified during your skin exam, a skin biopsy can be performed during the same visit at a very reasonable cost. Other issues can also be addressed during your appointment, such as the treatment of rashes, removal of benign skin lesions, and treatment of cosmetic issues.